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No project is too big or too small for the team at Superior Landscaping Services LLC. Our professionals bring their years of expertise into every service we provide, so we can guarantee you the highest quality and best results. We know you’ll love what we do.


No project is too big or too small for the team at Superior Landscaping Services. Our professionals bring their years of expertise into every service we provide. We guarantee you the highest quality work and best results. We know you'll love the work we do. 

Residential Lawn Maintenance

We offer weekly and biweekly lawn maintenance, the option is yours. Lawn maintenance includes mowing, trimming, edging and blowing off yard when completed.

Commercial Property Maintenance

You've worked this hard to put your business in the best light, don't let a slovenly exterior depress the value of your business. We will service every blade of grass, get rid of every weed, and transform your edges with lines a geometry teacher would be proud of. Weekly arrangements available. 

Residential & Commercial Landscaping

Our quality landscaping team will work with you and your budgeted goal to design the perfect Landscape for your residence or commercial business. No project is too big or complicated. Our scope is only limited by your imagination. We have partners who back us up. If your landscaping project has parts which are out of our scope, we will work with our partners. Whatever the project, Superior Landscaping Services has the experience and expertise to get it done.

Sod Installation

Sometimes it is best to start from zero. If you are setting up a new property or simply resetting an old one, call us. Let us set you up with something you can be proud of. Sodding is our specialty.

Mulch Installation

After deciding which mulch you would like, we will mulch your beds. Not only is mulching great for reducing the need for weeding, it is also great for holding moisture so your plants can stay healthy and thrive.

Hedge / Bush Trimming

Keep your hedges thick and healthy. We will maintain your hedges by giving them a professional look.

Leaf Cleanup

Our leaf cleanup service involves blowing, bagging and removing all leaves from your property.

Weed Control

Preventing weeds from taking over mulch beds, lawns, and gardens can be accomplished through a variety of methods, but the most important aspect is regular maintenance. Removing weeds manually, before they spread and become a major concern is a good first step, but applying weed control chemicals is often necessary to completely eliminate the problem. For professional weed control services contact us. We use safe but effective weed control treatments that will not adversely affect your plants and lawn and will not put your family and pets at risk.

Property Cleanup

A full cleanout on your property prior to new landscape installation, for city compliance or for hurricane preparedness. Superior also takes care of debris removal, tree trimming and hauling it all away to the dump. 

At Superior Landscaping Services we understand that cleaning up your lawn and trees is merely the first step in a long road to achieving normalcy in your home. That is why we have formed relationships with a number of other professionals in the area. If you are in need of a new paint job, some pressure cleaning done to your home, a new irrigation system installed or just a simple handy man for projects in your home, we maintain a strong network with professionals in the area and would be happy to refer you to them for a free estimate.

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